Second hand is my thing. Forever!

31 January 2011

Oh Jules, I'm so jealous to Mervi. She's going to Barcelona tomorrow and I'm staying over here in cold and dark Helsinki. Ok, I'm also sooooo happy for her. BCN is one of the most exciting cities in the world. Have a nice trip Mervi!!!

Today, I've been thinking about travelling and shopping ;) They go together perfectly - at least for girls! I always love to go to second hand stores and one of my favorite is in Copenhagen and it's called København K (32B, Studiestræde DK-1455). I will share with you something from my closet again; my favourite second hand pieces. They are from Stockholm, Copenhagen, Lisbon and Helsinki.
I can't live without my rock-rebel belt. I can wear it with anything and it looks edgy (remember when Carrie had it on Sex and the City II with a really nice evening dress....I was a copycat ;)) I hope you have a nice week!

Kisses, Helena

Jewelry we heart today

I have a thing for owls, so I totally fell in love with this vintage owl pendant when stumbled on it. I noticed that this Etsy shop has heaps of other little vintage things, so check it out.

Happy Monday!

Create Something Project - week one

30 January 2011

Earlier this week, Victoria from the Garden contacted us and asked if we would like to join her and Lindsay from the Scenic Glory on a project called Create Something Project. It immediately caught our attention, so all we could do was to say YES! ;)

BWS tips button Photobucket

So what is this project about?

Create Something Project is all about encouraging creativity in everyday life. Our lives often get busy and hectic, and finding time for the little things in life can get somewhat challenging. 
To fix that, we want you to join in on the Create Something Project and it entails exactly what it says... simply create "something".

No it doesn't have to be a physical "something" unless that's what you want to do. The something just needs to be one of those little things you always say you're going to do, but don't seem to find the time for. The project is simply there to help remind ourselves of those little things we love, but keep forgetting or putting off. So cook dinner. Read that book that has been sitting on your side table for a month. Take a bubble bath. Sew a quilt... Whatever it is, 
create it. Create those little moments you love and live for.

Each Sunday we will all share what we have created and allow you to link up to share what your creation was! If you
 would you like a button to flaunt on your blog about the  Create Something Project? Get one here.


So what did I create this week?
 Yesterday we published our new blog design - yay! I've been pretty much creating that all week... and last week too.  Thank you all for the lovely feedback. It really warms our hearts :) 

To go along with our new look, I created five vintage-love buttons. Our mission is to spread the vintage loveliness all around us! So if you are a vintage-lover like us, grab a button and share the love in your blog!