Attitude, sneakers and much more. Martina Reefer's interview!

31 March 2011

Like we promised, we have Martina Reefer's interview for you dear readers. Check it out - you will find cool tips for spring / summer season! Many thanks to Martina! 
Kisses, Helena and Mervi

What is bElles - baskets for elles? When did you start your business?

bElles opened its doors in June 2010 in Punavuori, Helsinki. Webstore opened a bit later in December 2010. bElles is a Finland based (and Finnish) sneaker store specialising in ladies sneakers. In addition we stock Badass Style, one-of-a-kind accessories and clothing label and Jeremy Scott O by O x adidas to mention a few.

Our aim is to stock special looks, limited edition or just simply funky sneakers, looks that one wouldn't walk into in the shop next door. We really wish to encourage girls to look like they want to look like, be themselves, have the courage to wear colours and and unique looks, if that's what they like. Not to follow the masses just for the sake of it. Also to encourage people to do what they want to do, be what they want to be. We love supporting young people in their dreams, for example supporting dancers (who love sneakers) and street culture, supporting young labels and entrepreneurs to try and trust their wings. So bElles is not just a sneaker store, there's bigger intention behind it.

Your blog is great - where do you get your inspiration?

Thank you so much! We write about everything and anything that inspires us; sneakers, looks, people, dance, music, culture. And of course about our new collections, what we've been up to, what's up and coming.  We tend to go around quite a bit, we attend almost all street dance competitions and battles, also this way supporting the young people behind those events or attending them to keep on keeping on. We do follow them on times abroad. So we got plenty to write about, guess more than we got time actually..

What's the greatest thing in your shop at the moment?

Suppra, our freshest addition to the collection of sneakers we stock. Thepetrol colour Crackle Suede Skytop has been a success. Also the Jeremy Scott O by O x adidas see-through wings are pretty cool!

Pictures: Kai Kuusisto

Do you have cool fashion tips for spring / summer season?

We got great new styles for summer, that are light to wear and breathable. For example new eco-friendly label Keep, those Inca inspired sneakers are a great look with all the summer styles, cut off denim shorts, flowing dresses. Also adidas M Attitude Co W are great for the heat of summer, inspired by the 80s basketball shoe, still looking very feminine in the white and gold colours. It's styled with a distinctive trefoil cut-out pattern and eye-catching neon colour pops.

What does Badass style mean?!

Badass Style is a young Helsinki based label designed by two women, Marika Peura and Kaisa Nieminen, going also by as a dance duo Badass crew. They design one-off pieces of clothing and jewellery, that are inspired for instance by street culture and dance scene. Stocked only in bElles.

Jewelry we heart today

Lily of The Valley Drops
I love how delicate these earrings are! So so pretty! For a while I wasn't that into dangly earrings, but they've grown on me again. I can totally imagine wearing these Lily of The Valley Drops to dress up a casual jeans outfit or with a nice girly dress. xox mervi