Jewelry we heart today

29 April 2011

Vintage copper engraved bracelet via Wholehearted Vintage
I didn't think the royal wedding would affect me in anyways, but we watched it at the office and it was very beautiful... and touching. So to honor Kate and William's big day, I thought today's jewelry should resemble love. And this pretty engraved copper bracelet fits the bill perfectly. Copper isn't necessarily a very royal material, but the engraving "Touch the Wind with Love" is.  I hope you're all having a wonderful Friday! xox mervi

making jewelry with the citybirds nest

hi my best friend jules readers! my name is cb and i am from the citybirds nest and i am here to talk jewelry! as you know these ladies offer a great selection of drool worthy jewelry here on their blog and i thought it would be great to tell you a little about what i do and how i got there!

i wouldn't call myself a jewelry maker...yes, i dabble in it and i LOVE jewelry but it is only a little bit of what i have under my craft belt :D as an artist i love trying new things and a couple of years ago my mom started making her own jewelry. she made some really great pieces and then started giving me little presents of her things. i started to buy her beads for her collection and whenever we were together she would bust out her kit and start making necklaces. i thought it looked like so much a 3d puzzle that you could wear!

so one day she took me to dinner and surprised me with all the tools i needed to start making jewelry! (i really have the best mom!) and gave me a little demo on how to start beading and i was hooked!

here is what she gave me and since then i have stocked up on tons of little things that i think would make interesting pieces.

a jewelry organizing kit...mine is a bit messy but i can navigate my way around it pretty good :) and some jewelry pliers & wire cutters. the pliers are used to bend wire....and it is sooo important to have a towel down so that when you clip things they don't go shooting off into the abyss or roll around on the table. having the towel makes it easier to lay everything out and assemble your piece too! 

at first i started making things for confidence grew as people were responding to the earrings i was making and now i sell them as part of my craft!

i just finished a bunch of owls that went to 2 local stores here in the bay area and i sadly only have one up in my shop but don't disappear i have a few more that i that are almost finished up!

shake teeth!!!

i thought it would be fun to show you a sneak peak into some new earrings that are in the works...a little different then what i normally make but i have a pair that i made a long time ago and just adore them!

well it is back to work for me! a crafters work is never done! thanks for letting me share my story with you lovely readers! i encourage every one to pick up some pliers and wire and try it out yourself! you'll never regret it! xox cb

Handmade loveliness - giveaway winners

28 April 2011

Hi pretties! It's time to announce the three lucky winners of our handmade loveliness giveaway that was so generously sponsored by a Piece of Lisa, Whimsical Poppysmic and Garden of Eden Designs. Now some drum roll, please!!! The winners are...
Congrats darlings! We'll be contacting you all personally, so we can get those pretty accessories shipped your way! And huuuuge thank you for everyone who participated - fingers crossed you'll be one of the winners next time! xox mervi and helena

Ps. Guess what sweeties! We have another pretty accessory giveaway ongoing that is open until Saturday 30 April. Click here to enter!

A garden party with My Best Friend Jules - by bliss!

Hey dear readers of My best friend Jules,

I'm Michaela of bliss! I make events and decorate parties + i blog about it. So, I thought for my guest post here I am going to do exactly that. I created an inspiration board for a garden party with my best friend Jules. I imagine a summery late afternoon, a few lovely ladies in vintage dresses, music playing from an old radio, a few sweet bites and homemade spiked lemonade and lots of pretty floral decor.

1. via Merriment Events, photography by Jodi Miller // 2. via Adore Vintage // 3. via Rachel Whiting Photography // 4. via Merriment Events, photography by Jodi Miller // 5. via Amy Atlas // 6. via Ruche Lookbook, photography by Stephanie Williams // 7. via Gideon Photography // 8. via Alison Miksch // 9. via Pottery Barn // 10. via Ruche Lookbook, photography by Stephanie Williams  // 11. via Once Wed // 12. via Kathryn Leach Home // 13. dresses via Modcloth // 14. via Vintage Technology // 15. & 16. via OK Versand // 17. via A stunning affair

Hope you feel a bit inspired and maybe create a party like this someday. If you do, send me some pictures of it. I'd love to see them.


Jewelry we heart today

27 April 2011

Kaleidoscope locket by Verabel and Fox collaboration
Oh prettiness! I'm in love with this locket - the colors and the pattern are so sweet!  The "Kaleidoscope" illustration under the glass-like protector is made by the artist and designer Alyson Fox.  All of the Verabel and Fox collaboration lockets are stunning - if you pop over for a visit, you'll soon realize that you pretty much want to shop the whole shop! ;) xox mervi 

a quick note

Hi loves! I'm dropping in for a quick hello before going to bed, because I have some exciting news to  share and I just couldn't wait until tomorrow. So (drum roll!) I've just opened Design by Wushka for blog design projects! Design by Wushka will be my creative space for sharing my blog design work and daily inspirations. I'd love for you to take a peek and see what you think! And don't be shy to contact me, if you want to commission me for a blog revamp project. I'd love to work with you! xox mervi

Design by Wushka

Ribbons make me happy - guest post by You Stir Me

26 April 2011

Hi lovelies! My name is Laura and I am so excited to be poppin' in from You Stir Me today to share some pretty with you! Let's get right to it, shall we? Lately I have been inspired by ribbons, especially when used in very creative ways. I have always thought ribbons add a touch of whimsy to any ol' day. Just take a look at some of these ideas and you'll see what I mean:

via celebrations at home

I absolutely love how a simple detail like adding tons of ribbons and streamers to a rod can completely transform a beautiful dessert table.

via once wed

And then there is this beauty. How much fun would this be to have at your wedding? I think every formal affair needs a ribbon swing, don't you?

via the sweetest occasion

I think a ribbon chandelier would look perfect in a little baby's room, but for now, it might have to hang above my craft desk!

via oh joy

Ah, the details. Drink flags drive me crazy. Drink flags made out of ribbons? Well, that's just insane.

via pretty stuff

In my perfect world, every chair would be decorated with ribbons. First impressions are everything, right?

via once wed

If I had seen this idea before I walked down the aisle, I would have grabbed one of our ribbons from our cake table backdrop and tied it around my leg. Just genius. 

Of course, with all these ribbons, you'll need a snazzy way to store them all! I love finding creative storage ideas just by walking around my house and using what I already have; here's what I managed to rig up for some of my ribbons:

via you stir me

I took an old wire basket, threaded a wood skewer through the top, through my ribbons and then out the other side. Way too easy, right? I love when it's just that simple.

If you weren't in love with ribbons before, I hope I've made you a believer today! And, if you're in the mood for some more inspiration skip on over to my little blog, You Stir Me, and say hi! 

xox Laura

Jewelry we heart today

Violet Melody pendant by Dolly Bird Design
Last night, on my regular Etsy round, I came across  a little jewelry shoppe called Dolly Bird Design. Her stuff is so pretty! I immediately had my eye on this lilac stone pendant. Isn't it just beautiful! Happy Tuesday darlings! xox mervi

Ps. It feels good to be back in the city after a few refreshing days in the countryside. We drove back this morning and the lovely spring sunshine just made me so happy. The summer is coming and it couldn't feel better!

Meet our lovely sponsors - part two

25 April 2011

Last week we had the honor to introduce you such a lovely bunch of ladies that we so happily call our sponsors. Well, this week we get to do that again because we have more beautiful sponsors to introduce. All of these amazingly talented ladies just brighten up our days in so many ways. So pop over for a visit to see what they're all up to - you'll be stunned! Be sure to say hello too :)

Lovelies, we're so happy to have onboard with us! 
xox mervi and helena

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Hello from the home of Scenic Glory - guest post

All photos by Lindsay from Scenic Glory

Jewelry we heart today

24 April 2011

Akong inca style necklace
Hi lovelies! Happy Sunday! I thought I'd log-in and say hello after a quiet day at the blog yesterday. We're over at my mum's place, housesitting and taking care of her cat, while she's holidaying in Prague. It's been so relaxing and the weather is niiiiice! Two more days of countryside living and then we're back to the city.

But what do you think about this beauty? I'm in love with inca style, the colors and the soft little pom-poms. I'd wear this in a heart beat! I think I would dress it casually with a black tanktop and jeans. What would you wear it with? xox mervi

Happy easter sweethearts ♥

22 April 2011

vintage postcard

This special Easter greeting comes across the miles today 
to let you know you're thought of in the very warmest special way.
xox helena and mervi

Ps. Check out this fun and oh so clever Easter fortune egg DIY over at a piece of Lisa! You'll love it!

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The giveaway ends on Saturday, April 30. The lucky winners will ne announced the following day! Good luck sweethearts! xox mervi and helena

Summery picks - top 5

21 April 2011

Yay! The spring has finally arrived to Helsinki! All the snow is pretty much gone and the green is slowly springing up. It felt so nice to have the sun rays on my face when I was waiting for the tram this afternoon. Pure bliss! And I even had my jacket open - imagine that! ;) I've had my eye on some beautiful things for the summery months already since January, but I've felt a bit silly to share them when it's -20c outside. But it ain't silly no more, so here it goes - my top 5 summery picks. What's your perfect summer style? xox mervi

pants // dress // sunnies // flats // makeup