Winner of the lovely handmade giveaway!

31 May 2011

We have a winner for our super duper awesome handmade giveaway that was so kindly sponsored by the beautiful ladies of Maie Dae, Oh Renee*Design, Pixie Mama, One with the birds and Star-crossed Smile. And the lucky winner is...


Shellsea, we'll be in touch with you so we can get all the sweet prizes your way!
xox mervi and helena

Weekend loveliness

30 May 2011

Hi loves! I hope you all had a grand weekend :) Mine was just super! I travelled to the country side to celebrate one of my best friend's hen night. We had such a lovely weekend doing all girly stuff. You can probably imagine all the giggles! We rented out a small country cottage for one night and it was so cute and quaint. Just perfect for a group of girlfriends. For once I didn't have my camera with me, so that I wouldn't spend the whole weekend behind the lens. But I did take a couple of shots with my mobile so I could share it with you. Isn't is just adorable! xox mervi

Hey sweet pea, wanna sponsor us?

27 May 2011

Hi there! We still have a couple sponsor spots available for the month of June. The ad spots are free - all we'd like in return is a fun guest post or a giveaway.

We're looking to share our space with likeminded bloggers, shop owners, artists, vintage lovers, jewelry makers... well, someone like YOU!
  • All ads go up on the 1st of the month in our left sidebar, and stay up till the end of the month.
  • We decided on a "one size fits all" principle, so each ad is sized 120 x 120 pixels.
  • Ads will be rotated weekly so everyone gets as much exposure as possible.
  • There are two group intro posts a month
  • We also promise to give you heaps of link love, via twitter and facebook.

My Best Friend Jules was established in November 2010. Since then our blog has been growing at a steady rate and today we have 299 followers on GFC. Last month we got over 6000 page views, and daily we get 150 - 250 page views. We like to think that people, who visit our blog, love vintage and all things pretty. They may also have a soft spot for jewelry - just like us :)

If you think this sounds like fab deal, please drop us an email and let's discuss the details. We'd love to have you!  love mervi and helena

Jewelry we heart today

26 May 2011

Leather dropped heart earrings by Flight Path
How cute are these! I'm loving the shape, the mustard color and the graphics! Pretty pretty! What also intrigues me is the technique Naomi, the designer behind Flight Path, uses to in her designs. She says the technique is similar to a tattoo process, where the leather completely absorbs the ink, revealing the subtle textures of the grain. Sounds very cool and I'm so impressed by all of her work - you should all definitely check her out! xox mervi

The currents in my life

25 May 2011

It's been such a busy week and I feel I've been neglecting our blog! But it's not all! I've just been fully booked with design work, that's all. Which is super duper amazing by the way! I didn't think that it would pick up so fast, but it has and I'm over the moon about it! So there hasn't really been much else going on this week than work (except I got a haircut!). But I don't want you go all unnoticed today, so I thought I'd share the currents in my life in little snapshots... taken about 30 mins ago in our little flat. xox mervi

Jewelry we heart today

24 May 2011

Vintage coral stone ring via Twin Hearts Vintage

I absolutely adore this ring. It's big and bulky yet very elegant! And lately I've been really in the coral, so this pretty immediately caught my eye. The ring is from an Etsy shop called Twin Hearts Vintage - a very recent discovery that I recommend to check out! The shop is filled with all sorts of little vintage goodies. Me like :) xox mervi

last night

23 May 2011

Photographs by me, last night

It was such a pretty night last night. I was taking Salli, our pup, for her evening walk and our home street was looking so beautiful. I just had to go back and pick up my camera to take a few shots. These are shaky and all blurry, but I kinda like them. I just love nights like this - perfect for long moonlight walks. xox mervi

Psst! I'm here today!

22 May 2011

Hi there! I thought I'd quickly drop by and let you know that I'm guest posting over at Scenic Glory today. Lindsay is on a little road-trip with her hubby, so she has a fabulous road-trip around the world posts lined up in her blog while she's away. If you want to learn a little bit about Helsinki and see some of my photographs, pop over for a visit!

Helsinki skyline on a summer night, 2010. Photograph by me.


Hand-painted vintage leather wallet by Junkyard Glitter

The post title says it all! This hand-painted vintage leather purse is so cool! I love the combination of the classic gold swan and the modern patterns. I should really stop my daily Etsy rounds, because every time I come across the most cutest things... and my wish-list is getting longer and longer. My window shopping habbit is quite dangerous ;) xox mervi

Happy feet

21 May 2011

via 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Eeeps! These shoes just stole my heart! I think the little mouse pumps are possibly the cutest thing I've seen! It's the time of the year again, that I'm digging out my summer shoes from winter storage. But I'd also like some new pumps, heels, flats, oxfords, sandals, booties... just to name a few! Ha ;) I have to admit that I have pretty much a similar addiction to shoes than I have on handbags. I should probably go to some accessories anonymous :D But I hope there someone out there who shares this problem with me?! Anyone? ;) xox mervi

Jewelry we heart today

20 May 2011

Oh, I just love bracelets. It's so easy to look good if you have a cool, beautiful or just edgy bracelet. This Victorian Turquoise and Seed Pearl Clover Bracelet is so pretty. I would love to wear it at summertime. It's like beautiful summer breeze. Oh, so poetic. Hih ♥ Hugs, Helena
From Owl's Roost Antiques

Helsinki and beyond...♥

19 May 2011

I guess every blogger knows Face Hunter?! He's got the famous eye candy for the style hungry and of course the blog is full of the latest fashion tips. It's also nice to notice that vintage is the hottest tip around this summer...who buys new clothes anyway ;)

He's also got a really cool visual diary. I love the photos and I always get so much ideas from his visual world. He's also been to Finland... here are couple of inspirational photos from Helsinki. Check out his diary - you will not regret ♥ Kisses, Helena

Pictures: Yvan Rodic

10 things I learned in college - guest post by Five Sixteenths

18 May 2011

Hello, I am Moe the blogger behind Five Sixteenths and I've just graduated from college with a BFA! I wanted my guest post on My Best Friend Jules to be all about what I've learned on this crazy bumpy ride.  Graduation day was a long time coming but, like many big events in life, college was the way I discovered who I wanted to be and who I've always been.

You don't have to be friends with everyone - Some friends will go and some will stay but since this is the time everyone is discovering who they really are and who they want to be, it is quite unlikely that you will stay friends with everyone you meet.  And that's really ok, because you will find the people you belong with and so will they.

Take your time - it's only 4 years long (or in my case 5) so you have to enjoy it! It will feel like ages but when Senior year comes, you'll realize its been too short.

Go in undeclared - there is no sense knowing exactly what you want to study the moment you come in.  I changed majors 4 times in school because I didn't know what I wanted to do.  Take time to take classes, join clubs and meet people.  If it weren't for a side comment from a person who is a really good friend now, I wouldn't be doing exactly what I've wanted to do for a long time.

I've always loved Purple - over the course of my college career I learned that I've always liked the things I've liked and no matter how hard I fought was always true.  One time, a long time ago, my aunt asked me if I could do anything in the world, anything, what would I do? I responded with "I'd like to own my own little shop that sold handmade stuff." I was probably in high school.  I forgot this for a long time and did other things.  But, life has brought me right back to what I've wanted to do.

Take risks - whatever you do, do something (productive) that others would never think you would do.  Tackle your fears, it feels really good to!

Your sister can be your best friend - My sister and I used to hate each other.  But as we grew up and both went off to college we realized we could be very close.

Manage your spending - you don't have to have spreadsheet after spreadsheet but a mental note is alright.  Don't get a credit card, don't sign up for subscriptions, always keep enough money in your checking account, pick up extra shifts at work - all of these things will allow you to have the fun you want to have in college.  Building up good money habits are important.

Eat lunch alone sometimes - take in the view from your campus uninhibited by your friends.  Lunch dates are great but this will give you time to reflect.  Do it in your busy dining hall, no one will judge you!

Smile a lot - it makes others smile.

Have fun - Don't take college too seriously.  Yes you are getting a degree that could change your life...but you are experiencing a whole bunch more that could change your life.  You'll make a lot of connections and meet a lot of people.  Show them that you are serious but also fun loving.

I hope this wasn't too wordy of a post.  But as I pack up, start my new job, move and unpack... these are the experiences I'm reflecting on. This also goes for any big event in your life... we all learn from everything we do.  Keeping our heads high in times of change is the most important part of life! 
xox Moe

A little project (re-post)

17 May 2011

Due to last week's Blogger mess, I'm re-posting my post from last Thursday. I'm not sure how many of you got a chance to read it before it disappeared, so I hope you don't mind :) And in fact, I think this topic deserves a double post because I'm so excited about it! Hih!

Drum roll!!! I'm getting a tattoo designed by Karolina from One with the birds! I've been a fan of Karolina's illustrations ever since I found her blog, and it didn't take me long to realise that she'd be the perfect person to design my new tattoo. I found this image already ages ago, and I decided that one day I'll take a tattoo something similar to this. And now that I have Karolina to design it for me, I'm all set :) 
I'm taking the tattoo to honor my dad, who passed away in 1998. I'm collecting three little memories of my dad, and Karolina will illustrate them inside the cute fairytale horsie. As well as paying tribute to my dad, the design will be a nice reflection of my personality. I'm so excited to get it! Thanks Karolina for doing this for me - the tattoo means a lot to me, because it will be all about celebrating life and all of your loved ones. xox mervi

Lovely handmade giveaway - win the whole package

16 May 2011


To win this super sweet handmade giveaway package, be a follower of My Best Friend Jules and leave a comment here why you should win (1 entry). 

For extra entries, follow:
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One with the birds and leave a comment here (1 entry)
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So all in all, you have maximum of 6 entries - just remember to leave a separate comment for each. 
The giveaway ends on Monday, May 30. The lucky winner will be picked the following day, using Good luck sweethearts! xox mervi and helena

What a bargain!

15 May 2011

Hi pretties! I hope you're all having a beautiful weekend! I did some treasure hunting at the local thrift stores yesterday, and I found some real bargains. I was NOT supposed to buy any handbags... but oops, I accidentally bought myself two new bags. But they were screaming for my name, so I couldn't just leave them there! Right? ;) I'm planning to wear the red sequence purse to my friend's wedding in June and the brown suede bag is perfect for everyday use. I also found a cute boho blouse and the dangly earrings I've been talking about. So all in all, such a good day - and just for 11,70 euros. I also splashed on a new hair dye and colored my hair this morning. It didn't quite turn out the way I wanted - it's more pure red than ginger. I'm hoping it'll wash out  a little bit and tone down to the color I wanted. What have you been up to? xox mervi

I wish...

11 May 2011

...I could pull off this look. I see florals everywhere I look, but I look like a grandma when I try them on.
...I had the money for this bag. (oh I know, I wasn't supposed to dream about more handbags :D)
...I had these shoes.  I wouldn't mind wearing them to work tomorrow :)
...I had the courage to take a half sleeve tattoo. I adore this look.
That pretty much sums it up :) xox mervi

Ps. If you want to read more Wednesday Wishes, head over to Brooke's Bright Wishes. Also, if you have a new blog design on your wishlist, head over to For the Love of Blogs for a blog makeover giveaway!

Jewelry we heart today

Vintage tricolored mesh earrings via jjjbyrd
What do you think about these mesh earrings? I think I've mentioned about this here before, but for a long time I wasn't really into big dangly earrings... but now that my hair is slowly (TOO slowly!) getting longer, I feel I could pull them off again. I think these stunners would rock any going-out outfit! Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind slipping on my dancing shoes this coming weekend ;) 
xox mervi

Our sweetest most awesome sponsors

10 May 2011

Happy Tuesday pretties! It's time for sponsor love and introduce some of our sweetest most awesome supporters. We've been lucky again to collect the coolest bunch on our sidebar, don't you think! All of these ladies below have special place in our hearts. You've all been such a big part of our blogs journey, so thank you! If you don't know these beauties yet, pop over for a visit and say hello - they won't bite, we promise! xox mervi and helena