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30 June 2011

Hello there my sweet peas! I thought I'd drop in to let you know that I'm guest posting over at A Piece of Lisa today. I'm giving simple step by step tutorial for implementing custom fonts in blogger blogs. So take a peek if you're interested in learning how to do it yourself! But if you're too busy to learn it yourself and would like someone to do it for you, you should pop over to Village where you'll find a 10% discount code for all my blog design packages ;) Hih! I hope you're all having a beautiful day! xxx mervi

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Guest post by Rustika Photography

29 June 2011

Observe | verb
Notice or perceive something and register it as being significant.

One of the fondest childhood memories I have is me, playing with my dad’s Rolleiflex camera.  It is the first camera I ever knew, and I just loved looking through the big top viewfinder.  I didn’t know how to take pictures then, so my sole entertainment was walking around the house, observing, looking at every single thing that would cross my way and see how different everything looked from that perspective.

As the adult and the photographer I am today, I have to remind myself to observe, to pay attention.  We miss so many wonderous moments in our everyday lives simply because we don’t mind stopping for a second, and looking closely at things.  Often times this thought comes to mind and I purposely take a pause before pressing the shutter.  I take in the moment and see everything inside the viewfinder before freezing the image.

Most of us bloggers include photography as part of the daily recordings of our affairs. Nowadays technology allows us more than ever to produce beautiful imagery, and to share it with the World. 

But I ask you, are you observing through your viewfinder?  Or are you just simply snapping random pictures? Paula from Rustika Photography.

I'm possible.

my summer sandals
It's another beautiful day! I'm going to be quite busy today, so I thought I'd drop by before work and wish you all a happy day. There's a lot going on in my life at the moment and I'm dying to tell you all about it, but I've promised myself that I won't share any news here until it's all happening for real. So bare with me! ;) But I found a quote that really describes my mood today and possibly gives a little hint too. 
Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm possible.  - Audrey Hepburn
I think this is something none of us should never forget, even on the hardest times. Sounds like a cliche but it's so true. It's taken me a while realise this but I'm possible... and so are you! xxx mervi

Flowy is the word.

28 June 2011

Today is a good day. I've had a lot in my mind lately and it seems that everything that I was so unsure of is slowly coming together. And on top of that, it's such a lovely summer day here in Helsinki. Couldn't be happier! I think this kind of warm weather is screaming for flowy dresses and skirts. Luckily (not!) I don't own any... but if it counts for something, I have tons of flowy shirts. Also great with leggings or shorts - right? ;) What's your favorite summer attire? I say... flowy is the word. xxx mervi

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

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Girls just want to have fun

27 June 2011

Yay! I've got a new weekly feature! Thank you all for voting :) The record player got the most votes, so each Monday I'll be featuring one of my favorite songs from the past. And because I was born in 1983, I thought I'd throw in a little Cindy Lauper and celebrate the first feature with Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Hih, because that's what this blog is all about - fun! And also because I think the video is just grand. What's your favorite 80s song? xxx mervi

Ps. I also found some funky 80s fashion from an Etsy shop called LapineOurs Vintage. Their shop is filled with 80s and 90s gems, so take a peek! I think those white lacy shoes are super adorable and would make such a fun statement! I so wish they were my size!

Midsummer bliss

25 June 2011

We're celebrating midsummer here in Finland, and in all Scandinavia for that matter. I had an extra day off work yesterday and it did wonders. I got to sleep in, take the dog to the doggie island (where she gets to run free and swim), eat well and meet friends. Bliss! I took some snapshots throughout the day, so I could share my day off with you lovelies. Happy weekend! xxx mervi

My personal photography.

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23 June 2011

It all happened in 1924...

Here are couple shots from our 1920's summer party last week. We were super lucky to get a sunny day so we could enjoy our boat-ride from Helsinki to Porvoo while playing a murder mystery role play. It's quite fun actually! Have any of you ever done it? I was the expensive wife married to a night-club owner Sid who had some shady businesses going on. But I didn't care, I was just spending money to hearts content. Hih, it was a good laugh! xxx mervi

Summery group giveaway

22 June 2011

Hi there friends! The summer is here and we're celebrating it by giving out this cute and summery giveaway package, that includes 

 Adorable owl necklace by Citybirds Nest
 Sparkly floral headband by Life... Unscripted
 25$ worth of summer jamming on iTunes by Janette the Jongleur
 Pretty butterfly necklace and ring by Dreaming in Craft

All you need to do to enter is the be a follower of My Best Friend Jules. For extra entries follow the lovely ladies and leave them a little comment love. They'd love for you to pop over for a visit! Please leave a separate comment here for each entry. The maximum entry is five. The giveaway will close on Friday 1 June and the winner will be announced the following day. xxx mervi 

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20 June 2011

Vote for a new weekly feature!

Hi lovelies! I'm loving my daily jewelry we heart today feature, but I thought it would be fun to add something new into the mix. However, I'm having a hard time choosing one because I have three options, so... I thought I'd arrange a poll and let you decide for me. I'll keep the poll in the top sidebar for a week and announce the new feature next Monday 27 June.

Vintage top 5 - featuring awesome vintage finds I've come across online and elsewhere.

The record player - featuring old songs that rock of my socks off.

Indie artist of the week - featuring talented independent jewelry makers and fashion designers

The poll is now open! :)
xxx mervi

What are lovely weekends made of?

19 June 2011

Amazing friends. Great food. Yummy smoothies. Flowers. Dreamy summer breeze. Midnight sun. This is what lovely weekends are made of. We had such a beautiful weekend celebrating one of my best friends "last single night". What did you get up to this weekend? I think this little summer cottage party was the best way to end my holiday! I'm feeling all refreshed and ready for all the exciting design work I've got lined up for the next couple of weeks. xxx mervi

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18 June 2011

No boys allowed!

I'll be away this weekend celebrating a friend's bachelorette party. No boys allowed! It'll be fun catching up with friends and making new ones - I haven't met all the ladies attending the party. We're heading out to a cottage by a lake, so I'm sure it'll be a weekend to remember for all of us. I'm hoping the weather will clear up so we can enjoy the midnight sun :) Ok, I need to dash out now, but I just wanted to stop by here first and wish you all a great weekend filled with laughter and happy moments with your loved ones. Talk to you tomorrow! xxx mervi

Ps. If you're looking for ideas for a Bachelorette party, I found a nice idea for a beach party on 100 Layer Cake. You can check out the article here.

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17 June 2011

On our way home...

Hey lovelies! We're back in the city :) On our way home yesterday, we stopped by at Frantsila - an organic farm that makes all sorts stuff from their crops such as yummy teas, cosmetics, honey etc. The place is so idyllic and tranquil. I love stopping by there for a cup of coffee and taking a walk in their lush herb garden by the river. The place is just so refreshing after sitting in the car for hours. We had a great few days at my mum's but it's nice to be home again. Today I'm having a 1920's work summer party. Oh yay!!! Happy Friday :) xxx mervi

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16 June 2011

A coffee date

Yesterday we had a coffee date at a cafe that has just arrived to my hometown. This little town has been waiting for a cafe like this for a looooong time! Something nice and relaxed... something that doesn't involve petrol. When I was a teenager we'd hangout at the local petrol station, because that I was the only place that was open after 5 PM and served coffee. Oh the bliss! :D So you can imagine this new cafe Valkoinen Puu (in English White Tree) is exactly what this town needs. I didn't have my camera with me so I'm sharing some of the photos from their Facebook page. I love the light and airy rooms, the touch of vintage in the decor and the pretty gift boutique. I'm definitely making this adorable place my must-go-visit-place every time I'm here visiting mum. xxx mervi

All images via Valkoinen Puu

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15 June 2011

My Best Friend Jules has it's own domain name!

Woop! I finally got this little blog of mine a domain name! You can now find My Best Friend Jules on - how cool is that! :) But if you happen to click on the old address, don't worry, you'll be directed here. I think getting my own domain name was a wise decision since I'll be soon having this blog as both my personal and business blog. It's funny how something as small as this can be so exciting. I kind of feel I'm opening a new chapter on my blogging career! xox mervi

Greetings from my mum's little office! :)

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14 June 2011

50 classics for your closet

via matchbook, issue 1
This list is just fabulous! I should definitely take a peek in my closet and go through what I have. I think I'm missing a few items ;) But I'm all in for matching classic items with clothing that has a bit more edge.  The list has been put together by Matchbook. The magazine was a new discovery for me, and I absolutely love it! xxx mervi

Ps. Take a peek in the Matchbook blog too.


13 June 2011

You're not alone, visual statement (my work)
I'm up early again... on my day off. I'm just too programmed to wake up before 7 AM. But it really doesn't matter because I know I don't need to hop on the tram and head to work. Instead, I can gaze in the forrest and listen to the rain knowing that I can take a morning nap soon. I love it. 

For some reason this song called You're not alone has been playing in my head all morning. It took me forever to find the right one on Youtube because I couldn't remember who's it was... all I knew it's a dance hit from the 90s. But I found it and it turns out, the song is from an UK singer called Olive. I don't know why, but there's something about this song that I love. Have you heard it? I hope you'll all have a beautiful start for your week. Remember that you're not alone! :) xxx mervi 

Ps. The photo in the visual statement is from the movie Fur. I took a snapshot of the telly screen while watching it. Just something I do... sometimes :)

Soaking up the sun

12 June 2011

Hello hello! How's your weekend? It's been another hot day and we've been outside all day soaking up the sun. We got home at 3 AM last night from my friend's wedding, so it's been the perfect weather for just bumming around at my mum's back yard and playing with the pup (she has a craaaaazy amount of energy!?!). I've really needed this - downtown with the family. Tomorrow we'll be visiting my sister, who's having her first baby this summer. I can't wait to see her baby bump! xxx mervi

Jewelry we heart today

Madamoiselle roses and tull hair clip by Savi

I absolutely adore this! If I ever get married, I want to wear exactly something like this in my hair. So pretty. I had such a hard time picking my favorite piece from the Savi shop, like a kid in candy store all overwhelmed by the pretty things. They use vintage fabrics, silk, ribbon,lace,chiffon,beads, pearls, rhinestones and any pretty vintage babubl in their accessories - basically all the things I love. Take a peek yourself, and you'll understand what I'm talking about. xxx mervi