Such is life

31 July 2011

My life is in such a whirl wind at the moment. Me and my boy are soon entering a long distance relationship... as he's about to leave Helsinki to study in Oulu, which is about 800 kilometres away. Luckily it's still the same country but the distance is long enough for us not being able to meet up every weekend. I'm having such mixed feeling about this - I'm so happy he's finishing his studies but living the daily life without him by my side is going to be hard. At least now it all feels so overwhelming. So this week we've been packing his stuff and making room for my new flatmate who moved in yesterday. But I'm so so happy my flatmate isn't just anyone. She's one of my best friends whom I've known since I was 6. So I can totally trust her to be there for me. I'm kind of looking forward to all the girly shenanigans we'll get up to because she's so fun to be around. So I guess things aren't really that bad, but change is always a bit scary. This will be a totally new chapter for us. Have any of you been in a long distance relationship? Any advice would be welcome :) xxx mervi

Our living room being transferred to my room. I'm really happy with it!

Color inspiration

30 July 2011

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Hello pretties! I found this beautiful jungle scenery photograph on Deviant Art this morning and I just had to use for a color inspiration post. What a stunning place! In fact it's so stunning that it makes me wonder if a place that divine even exists, but it does - the photograph has been taken in Indonesia. I didn't only use the colors for inspiration, but I put together a light summer outfit perfect for hot weather. I can totally imagine myself wearing this jungle inspired attire on a warm summer night... in Indonesia. xxx mervi

Recent projects

Hi there sweeties! I hope you're all having a great Saturday. There's been a lot going on this week. I've been visiting my mum in the countryside, we've been re-arranging things around the apartment (I'll tell you all about it later on!) and I've finished two blog design projects. Phew! I'm quite knackered at the moment, but I made it! I think I'll deserve a glass of red tonight with the girls. Hih! But today, I thought I'd share my design work so you can go and take a peek - I'd love your feedback! Thanks Lenore and Nicolasa for being such awesome ladies to work with! xxx mervi

Darn cute jewelry DIY

27 July 2011

Hello hello! I hope you're all having a great day! I came across this sweet jewelry DIY on Flamingo Toes this morning and couldn't help but share it with you. I love playful jewelry and making some yourself can't be anything else but fun! I'd absolutely LOVE wearing something like this for a night out with the girls. A pretty necklace like this is the perfect accessory for a fun loving party animal - like me! Ha! Check out the full tutorial on Flamingo Toes. xxx mervi

Jewelry I heart today

26 July 2011

Description of Photo

Sunshine Druzy Triangle necklace via byAnthem

Ooooh I love this! I never used to be a big fan of bling and sparkly things, but I must be getting older (and wiser!!!) because everything sparkly is starting to attract my attention. And this pretty is no exception, I'd  totally wear this. However, my rule of thumb is that I wear sparkles in moderation - too much is too much and I definitely need to dress down if I have some bling on me. Otherwise I think I'd look like a Christmas tree. What's your view on this? Is less more? xxx mervi

I must be on holiday

25 July 2011

Hey darlings, greetings from my hometown! I got here late last night - feels good to be home and seeing my mum and sister. I'm always feeling so relaxed here. It must be the fresh country air! But this time I'm feeling a bit too relaxed... I've forgotten the password to my laptop. Oops! I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed that it'll come to me when I sleep on it. But at the moment my head is just blank. On the positive side, this is a sign that I've been able to forget all the work stress and put my mind on other things... haha, I'm just hoping that I won't forget my other important passwords or codes and make my life a complete mess! :D But hey, this stuff happens and I'll be able to sort it out when I get back to work. I'm on holiday, right?! :) xxx mervi

Ps. I snapped this photo this morning at 8 am. The morning light was so pretty. 

Jewelry I heart today

23 July 2011

Ulpu earrings via Fay Andrada

Hi pretties! What do you think about these earrings? I'm such a fan of simple jewelry like this because they're so timeless and easy to combine with any outfit. The brushed copper against the black is totally working - I'm adding these to my smitten list now! And the funny thing I noticed about Fay's jewelry is that she's named her pieces in Finnish. I wonder what's her connection? I must investigate :)  xxx mervi

Color palette love

22 July 2011

Hey lovelies! I thought it's time for a new color palette love post. Today my color love is inspired by these pretty hot air balloons, I saw near our house couple of days ago when I was walking to the grocery store. It was one of those little moments when you just stop and sink in the beauty of life. There's something about hot air balloons that make me happy and optimistic. Maybe it's the idea of floating in the air without a hurry in life and being able to see the whole wide world in front of you. Everyone should have the opportunity to go on a balloon ride at least once in their lives... I'm still waiting for mine, but in the meanwhile I will treasure little pretty moments like this. xxx mervi

It's good to be a homebody

19 July 2011

Hello there! I hope you're all having a good week so far. I've been such a homebody this week. It's so nice not having to wake up to go to work, and being able to stay up late without feeling guilty! So yes, I've truly enjoyed bumming around the house and enjoying the little things in life. But today I've been super productive and worked on blog design projects that I should be able to share with you all soon! It's been rainy today, so I didn't mind being inside all day. Tomorrow I have a friend coming over for a few days, so I'm sure we'll be busy doing girly things and having a good giggle. I've been taking snapshots at home that I thought I'd share with you because I hardly ever show my home in my pictures. Oh and I got these cute little vintage cups from my boyfriend's mum yesterday! Aren't they so sweet! She got them from her mum, and now they'll be our treasures :) xxx mervi

my personal photos

Jewelry I heart today

Hi there sweet pies! My Jewelry I heart today feature is going to have a little twist today. It's not vintage, it's not for sale... but it's handmade and something you can all try making at home! My pick is a super sweet beaded necklace DIY that I found on one my favorite websites called P.S. - I made this... If you haven't visited there yet, you should check in fast because their website is just overflowing with fun DIY ideas with great image tutorials. This necklace seems very simple to make so even the "not-so-crafty" would be able to whip one together! I'm going to give this a go! :) xxx mervi

via P.S. - I made this...

Modern + vintage

16 July 2011

Vintage dress via Coggles / Wooden clutch via Nada Sawaya

I'm in love with this 50s vintage dress! The colors are spot on because I'm all in for pinks and olive green. Hih, you may remember that last week's combo had some pink corals in there too! I can't help it... I'm just drawn to these peachy coral pinks at the moment. But what do you think about the white wooden clutch? I'm so smitten with its geometric shape and who would've thought wood makes such a perfect material for a graceful handbag like this. So so pretty! I would totally wear this girly combo - for example to my friend's wedding that I'm attending today :) xxx mervi 

Oh sweet summer!

15 July 2011

Guess what! I'm starting my 4 week summer holiday today! My plan is to chill out, catch up on bloggy things, do a fun decorating DIY project around the house, meet friends, eat yummy foods, take a trip to Croatia and just be. Oh sweet summer, I can't wait! :) But before I completely tune out for a holiday mode, I wanted to share something pretty with you. My colleague found a Life magazine from June 1951, while doing some renovating work at her summer house. She said the magazine was  tucked in between the walls because it had been used as insulation. But luckily she rescued it and brought to work for us to marvel. My favorite piece was this stunning summer fashion editorial, so I snapped a few photos with my mobile so I could share them with you. Aren't these beautiful! xxx mervi

via Life magazine 1951, June issue

Color palette love

14 July 2011

Hey sweeties! I will be shutting down my design blog at the end of July, so I  will slowly start bringing "the design me" more visible here. And in fact, you're getting a design related post now!  I came across this sweet ice cream shot by Pink Poppy Photography and thought I'd share the blissful summery color palette with the HTML color codes, so that you can use the colors in your design work or to spruce up your blog. If you think this is a fun useful post, leave a comment and I might do this again! :) xxx mervi
Color inspiration by Pink Poppy Photography

Jewelry I heart today

via astree
How pretty is this!? Lately I've been digging geometric shapes and designs, so this little beauty is right up my alley. Even the name of this necklace Sunset vintage colore tickles my fancy - anything with the word vintage in it must be chic. And I just realised that the colors are pretty much exactly the ones I use in my current blog design project! Hih! xxx mervi

Love is like a butterfly

12 July 2011

Hello sunshines! We had such a beautiful weekend celebrating one of my best friend's wedding. So I thought I'd play Dolly Parton's Love is like a butterfly to honor the happy newlyweds. I love the lyrics ... they make me go all soppy. I'm such a softie, I know - but who wouldn't get sentimental listening to Dolly's pretty country voice and these sweet lyrics. I also came across a stunning 70s inspired wedding on Ruffled and I just have to share the photos here with you. I'm loving the late 60s to early 70s style! xxx mervi

Love is like a butterfly
As soft and gentle as a sigh
The multicolored moods of love are like its satin wings
Love makes your heart feel strange inside
It flutters like soft wings in flight
Love is like a butterfly, a rare and gentle thing...

Jewelry I heart today

Hip hey lovelies! The jewelry I heart today is in fact magnets made out of vintage jewelry.  I found this cute idea on Country Living. Instead of letting your vintage brooches gather dust in your jewelry box, why not turn them into refrigerator magnets? Yes yes yes! Why didn't I think that myself? I think it's such a neat idea and easy to make too. All you need is super glue, some magnets and you're good to craft. I think I might give these a go next week because I've been dying to get crafty! xxx mervi 

via Country Living

Modern + vintage

9 July 2011

I thought it would be nice to start something new here... and I figured it's always fun to find pretty modern pieces to go with vintage accessories and vice a versa, so why not make it a feature? Oh yes. I'm going to call it Modern + Vintage. I came across this stunning Sonja Rykiel blouse and I think it would go perfectly with the simple and stylish 70s Lanvin necklace. I love mixing and matching colors, and I think the pink and corals with the golden yellows would make such a sweet summery look. But what would you wear as the bottom? Because I love a casual chic, I'd dress this look down a bit with worn-out denim shorts and some cute flats. Ah, perfect! xxx mervi 

Color inspiration

8 July 2011

Color inspiration // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Hey there beauties! I've never done a color inspiration board here, so I thought I must do something about it. And here it comes! I found this stunning scenery photograph by Ross J Brown and could not help but use the pretty purples, mustards and minty greens as my source of inspiration to find pretty things. I think I made some fab finds! I'm in love with the mustard MISMO backpack - it would be perfect for work. And oh boy do I hear the minty geometric necklace calling my name... So I might just head back to Spoon full of mint! Hih! Happy Friday :) xxx mervi

Jewelry I heart today

7 July 2011

Deer Little Fawn vintage postcard necklace

Meow! Isn't this necklace just adorable? This little kitten is from the Deer Little Fawn vintage postcard jewelry collection, and I think it's so darn cute. I would've loved to wear this to my friend's wedding this coming weekend. Why oh why didn't I come across this sooner, so I could've ordered it on time. I think it would've been the perfect match with my new red heels (...that I found yesterday to compensate the ruined dress! Hih!). Or what do you think? xxx mervi

My new heels. I got 50% off - bargain! :) I like.

I'm on a good mood, regardless...

6 July 2011

Hello hello! I feel like I've been on the go lately, but I've been snapping photos everywhere I go so I could share them with you. The past three nights I've been hunting for a new dress to wear to my friend's wedding this coming weekend...with no luck. We had a major accident last week, as my boyfriend washed my new silk dress in the washing machine (I had only worn it once!!). It certainly wasn't a pretty sight when I pulled a ripped and shrunk dress from the machine... Poor baby had to deal with a real tornado :D I've definitely learned my lesson - I will never EVER put my dresses anywhere near the laundry basket. And I wish none of you never have to experience the same horror! But I decided that one dress isn't going to ruin my good mood... and in fact, it's been a great week :) What have you been up to? xxx mervi

The currents in my life

Hey look!

Recently my friend Michaela (whom some of may remember from Bliss!) started a company called Hey Look with her friend Lotta. These ladies have such an eye for all things pretty - they design, they create and they decorate. And oh boy, they do it so well! You should take a peek in their portfolio, and see for example this stunning wedding they put together for Hanna and Tony in Valkosaari Helsinki. 

And guess what! I was also lucky to get to work with them as Michaela asked me to do their blog, where they'll share their daily inspiration and keep you in the loop of their latest projects. I can't wait to read about all  the amazing things they'll whip together. Pop over for a visit, because you'll love it! I'm so smitten with the pretty collection boards they recently shared! xxx mervi

Ps. I'm starting to think we should get married ASAP so I can hire the girls! I'd absolutely LOVE it! And yes, I hope my boyfriend reads this and takes the hint ;)

Let's thrift!

5 July 2011

Lately I've been getting the urge to (re-)decorate our home. We've lived here for a year now, and I feel we're lacking some cute eye-catchers. I'm absolutely in love with the idea of having a vintage mirror collection on the wall - they would look so sweet in our bedroom. Or should I start collecting vintage tea pots to display in our kitchen? Or what about a big vintage mirror in the living room? Oooh I'm getting so many ideas! I'll be having my 4 week (oooh yeah!) summer holiday in two weeks, so I ought to do something about this nesting itch then. Have you done any cute vintage decoration projects lately? I'd love to hear your ideas! xxx mervi

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Heat Wave

4 July 2011

Hip hey lovelies! It's time for another record player feature and I'm jamming with Dusty Springfield today! I think she's definitely one of the best female artists from the 60s. Looks like she's having so much fun performing Heat Wave on this live video. I thought this song would be spot on since it's been over +30c here in Finland this past weekend. It hardly never gets this hot here. And in fact, it's so warm that even my bob feels too long. It's getting to that irritating length... I can't tie it on a ponytail just yet, so it's just there and annoying me. I've really been missing my short easy hair. And to make it even worse I had to search for some sweet 60s pixie haircuts to see if I could find myself a new look. Aren't they just so pretty? xxx mervi

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Summery group giveaway winner!

Congrats Gee! I'll be contacting you early this week, so we can get all these lovely giveaway goodies your way :) And a big thank to everyone who participated! xxx mervi