Giveaway is now closed - Win a blog makeover!

31 August 2011

Hello my friends! It's been a while since I've had a giveaway, so I thought why not have one to celebrate the month ending. And what could be more fun than giving away one full blog makeover? Yes you heard me, one lucky winner will get the whole shebang - worth 120$ in my design shoppe. This is how you can enter to win:

  • The giveaway is open to everyone who follows MBFJ on GFC.
  • Just leave me a comment and let me know why you'd love a makeover.
  • Extra entry, follow @myfriendjules on twitter  leave a comment here.
  • Extra entry, tweet about this giveaway mentioning @myfriendjules and leave a comment here.
  • Extra entry, follow me on facebook and leave a comment here.

The total number of entries is 4. The giveaway will close on Wednesday 7  September and I will pick the lucky winner using the following day. Good luck sweeties!

Thank you for the lovely ladies over at For the Love of Blogs for offering this rocking bonus prize!


Modern + vintage fall edition

It's been raining here all week. The fall is coming... there's no doubt about it. But actually I don't mind, I'm all ready for boots, warm cosy sweaters and ponchos. It's weird how I always start longing for fall after a warm summer. Maybe we scandinavians are just built that way? We need 4 seasons in order to function properly. And I think this modern + vintage combo makes the perfect fall attire. I'm such a fan of ankle boots and flowy woolen ponchos. Just add nice slim jeans and you're good to go!


5 random things that make my heart skip a beat.

30 August 2011

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Hello sweeties! Sorry for the long silence over here. It's been a weird couple of days, as I've gone through an array of all sorts of feelings. I got my bubba home on Friday (happiness!). I've been taking care of a friend who got in an accident (worry!). I've been berry and mushroom picking at the family summer house (warm and fuzzy!). I also hurt my back after slipping on wet floor (ouch!)... and now I've spent the last two days in bed trying to heal (boredom!). So yes, weird I think is the word to describe it all. But my dear friend pinterest has been entertaining me with all the loveliness out there in the world. And I picked 5 of my favorite pins to share with you. I think the tip dye hair tutorial is so cool! Looove it! I'm also totally in love with the taplin purse - such a perfect accessory for fall. Just lovely!


All that comfy stuff.

26 August 2011

The best things in life are the little things. Things like wearing the woolies that your mum made you that one Christmas and cuddling up with your pup on the sofa and taking a good old snooze. You know all the comfy things that make you feel safe when the world around you gets overwhelming. I've been feeling a bit low this week... so I'm seeking comfort in all the homely things. My beau packed the car on Tuesday and drove up north to move all his stuff. He's coming back tomorrow and we get one more week together before he needs to start his studies. I know I'm going to see him tomorrow but the reality has now hit me that we won't be seeing each other every day... or even every week. I'm sure it'll get easier at some point, but I already miss him like crazy. 


Jewelry I heart today

25 August 2011

Pretty color box resin ring by si:ca design

All I can see is hearts - this ring is just darling! I've developed a real addiction on cool statement rings and this beauty is rocking my socks off. I love the simple design with the colorful geometric shapes. Just perfection! If you fancy cool jewelry like this, I recommend visiting the si:ca design Etsy shoppe. You'll find heaps of pretty things to fall in love with. I guarantee that :)


They just fit like a glove.

24 August 2011

Yep, these are it. My current top 5 favorites in my closet. Some are new, some old all-time faves... some practical and some just silly girly things but I love them all. I've found myself using the same navy blue Vagabond flats pretty much all summer. I can't help it - they're just so darn comfy. And pretty! And the ring was love at first sight. I got it for one euro (!!!!) at a yard sale last weekend. I couldn't believe my luck! What are your favorite items in your closet at the moment?


Color inspiration

23 August 2011

I just love this photograph. I wish my home street looked liked this after rain - so whimsical and pretty. The photograph is taken by the talented Abby Powell. Her photographs all have that beautiful dreamy vibe. Take a look in her shop, and you'll see what I mean. As much as I'm in love with this photograph, I fancy these three dresses too. The red and orange one is my favorite, hence first in order. It'd be perfect for all autumn festivities. Which one is your favorite?


Jewelry I heart today

21 August 2011

Bracelet cuff and ring via Dandelion Daydreamer

Oh boy! I'm loving this combo. Both the bracelet and the ring are just gorgeous. Even though I wouldn't usually mix silver and gold, but I think these pretties go perfectly together. Dandelion Daydreamer was a new Etsy discovery for me and there's heaps vintage goodies in her shoppe that I wouldn't mind adding to my closet. You should check it out!

Ps. All her treasures are handpicked in France.


One of those happy days.

20 August 2011

Happy weekend loves! I survived my first week back in the office after my 4 week break, and we needed to celebrate. So this morning we headed to town to have brunch with a friend at Restaurant Sunn. What a lovely place! It's on Senate Square overlooking the Helsinki main cathedral - so so pretty. And the food was so yummy too - I stuffed myself with croissants, brie and fig jam. You should try it, they make the perfect match. With food in our bellies it was nice to come home and crash on the couch. The pup was keeping my feet warm while we watched Water for Elephants. There's nothing better than a good love story on lazy Saturday afternoon. I think today has been one of those happy days. Full stop.


Jewelry I heart today

19 August 2011

Raw pyrite adjustable ring by Hivennn

"Fairy glitter, pixie dust, gold dust or maybe just a nice sparkle to add to your life. Perfect to go with your little black dress". OH YES! I'm totally in love with it. Hivennn is one of my recent discoveries and all her jewelry and accessories are simply stunning. If you're into the "raw gem" look, you should definitely pop over to her shop.  



18 August 2011

My blueberry peach pie in the making.

It's been forever since I last baked. So last Sunday I decided to do something about it and I baked a blueberry peach pie with vanilla. I had forgotten how much fun baking is! I'll definitely need to start doing it more often... it kind of helps you get your mind off things. Oh, and the eating part is quite nice too! I didn't use a particular recipe for my pie, but this is pretty much how it goes if you want to give it a go.

the base
150 g butter
1,5 dl sugar
1 egg
4,5 dl wheat flour
3 tsp baking powder

the topping
2 peaches
2 dl blueberries
100g quark
1 egg
2 tsp vanilla sugar
0,5 dl sugar

Bake in 200°C for about 20 to 30 minutes. Take out of the oven and serve warm with vanilla ice cream.
Have you baked any yummy treats lately? I'd love for you to share a recipe. I think I've been bitten by the bug!


The famous beehive

17 August 2011

Description of Photo

Hi there sweeties! How are you today? Thankfully mine has been a bit better than yesterday. I've drank my coffee in the kitchen and not taken any liquids anywhere near my desk. It seems that they can recover my hard-drive and all the data can be saved! A big YAY! But all the computer stuff aside... I'm going to talk about my favorite 60s hairdo - the beehive. I just adore it and I wish my hair was long enough to rock it. In the hopes of my hair being long enough someday, I've been searching for some tutorials how to make it. And I've found a great step-by-step tutorial with a video on Wish Wish Wish. So pop over to Carrie's blog to learn how to make one!

Ps. Whilst looking for tutorials, I also came across an interesting read on the Daily Mail about the woman who developed the famous sixties hairdo. You can read it here.


Coffee - the sneaky devil.

16 August 2011

Description of Photo

Oh boy, what a day. I've been back in the office for only two days and I've already managed to cause some drama. I spilled a bloody coffee on my Macbook this morning and it seems to be dead now. I've now left it in the hands of the boys at Mac Care and hopefully they'll be able to save the hard-drive - at least. Please please keep your fingers crossed for me! I will never EVER again drink coffee (or any other drink for that matter) at my desk. Take this as a learning experience and keep those sneaky devils far away from your computers. Of course the fact that I'm super clumsy has nothing to do with this ;)


Jewelry I heart today

Description of Photo
One two three four tell me what you love me more... This ring collection from Lulu Frost makes me think of the Feist song 1234. Ooh oh oh, they're changing my heart! I'm loving the witty simplicity and I'm adding them on my wishlist right now. I'd love to get the "two" and "eight" rings for my 28th birthday - it would make the approaching 30 feel so much better.


Loveliness. Sunshine. Happiness.

15 August 2011

All photographs by me.

Loveliness. Sunshine. Happiness. That was Croatia to me. I hope these iPhone shots that I took along the way manage to capture at least a little bit of that beauty the country beholds. The nature is beyond amazing and  you'll never be able to capture it all on camera. So if you ever get a chance to visit in person, I warmly recommend it. These photographs have been taken in Baska Voda and the islands of Jelsa and Bol.


UPDATED: Get 40% on my custom blog designs!

14 August 2011

My happy hour was supposed to close at 10 PM but guess what!? I'm extending this discount until tomorrow because I've just discovered that my little design shoppe has been added on the Pugly Pixel Blog Desingn Directory. What a fun surprise! I'm quite flattered to be included because I really look up to Katrina and her business. So yes, this calls for a little more celebration and the HAPPY HOUR will stay open until tomorrow 15 August! (I'm feeling far less "depressed" about going back to the office tomorrow!) Visit my design shoppe here, and enter code "HAPPYHOUR" at the check out to get 40% off on all my custom blog designs. Yippie Yippie Yay! ;)


Because I'm ending my 4 week holiday today, I'm offering 40 % off on my custom blog designs for the next hour. Visit my design shoppe here. Just enter code "HAPPYHOUR" at the check out.


Jewelry I heart today

I'm in love with my new ring! I bought it on our visit to the island of Bol, on the Dalmatian archipelago in Croatia. It's ceramic and handmade by a local artisan. The turquoise color is looking so sweet against tanned skin. While I was photographing these shots, it got me thinking that why wouldn't I photograph more of my own jewelry and share them here, with you. Would you like that? I think it would be nice to let you take a peek in my jewelry box. Ps. The floral pattern is the cover on my vintage jewelry box I purchased from Deer Little Fawn a while back. I thought the colors matched perfectly.


It's good to be home.

13 August 2011

Hello lovelies, I'm back! We had the best time but it always feels good to be back home! I hope you're all doing fine - what have you been up to? Feels like it's been ages since we've last talked. I'm feeling super relaxed and happy. This trip was exactly what we needed - some down time on the beach not worrying what time it is. I also managed to read a whole book... a light hearted novel nothing heavy, but I'm so proud of myself. It's been forever since I've last read and I think I got "bitten" again. Yay! I also took a ton of photos and trust me, I'll be sharing tons too. Some of you might have already seen some sneak peeks on my instagram, but for those who haven't... this is the stunning place we've been to. Oh Croatia, you treated us good.

On the coast of Makarska // The view from our hotel in Ba┼íka Voda


This and that

12 August 2011

Hi to Mervi's readers, I'm sorry to be infiltrating her blog, I'm sure you miss her! But I'm also kind of not because I'm excited to be here too :) I'm just bringing you some random things that I'm liking lately.  I know she loves her jewelry so I had to include some in this post. I'm crushing on this awesome ring (I'd feel like a super hero or something) and that laid back and that cooly designed tshirtxo Krystal, from Village

Love, life and the pursuit of happiness

10 August 2011

Hi ya MBFJ readers! Cat here {from BrideBlu}.  I am going to make a feeble attempt to carry the torch of creativity and light that Mervi brings to this lovely blog each and every day while she is away soaking up some sunshine and getting herself a big old dose of R&R!

I thought it would be most fitting to share a few recent finds that remind me life really is one big adventure. An inspiring print featuring the wise, humbling words of Helen Keller, a wooden sign to remind you that there is so much of this big blue planet to discover and experience, a miniature spy glass necklace - the perfect accessory for a traveler {bonus ... it really works!}, a large empty journal just begging to be filled in with stories of love, life and the pursuit of happiness! Ps.  Mervi... please bring us back some blue skies, sand and of course pictures!! xxx Cat

Holiday snapshots

9 August 2011

Hello there! While I'm away this week, I thought I'd share some of my holiday snapshots from this summer. These photos were taken last week at my boyfriend's family summer house. It was my first time visiting there, and I totally fell in love - what a stunning pittoresk place. We were there celebrating my bubba's 30th birthday. It was just what we needed -  a dip in the lake, good food and relaxation. Pure bliss! We've been blessed to have so many of those memorable days this summer. 


Sock Monkey and Gee

8 August 2011

Hello My Best Friend Jules readers! I am Gee from Sock Monkey and Gee. I am so happy to be doing a guest post for Mervi while she is on vacation. Now, I know Mervi has a slight addiction the jewelry as do I but...I usually do not wear it for some reason. (I think it is due to my fear of always losing the jewelry I buy.) But, when she emailed me to do a guest post, I knew exactly what piece of jewelry I was going to wear. These quirky little sun men are perfect on a hot summer day. 

dress/belt: vintage | shoes: piperlime | earrings: my mothers