I'm a model!

30 November 2011

Well, not quite. But I posed for my lovely friend Michaela from Hey Look last weekend. I needed some shots taken for a project I'm doing, so we had a fun little photoshoot in my neighborhood. And the photos turned out really nice. Thank you so much Michi! I absolutely LOVE the backlight in the second photo, but my favorite is the one with the white winter berries ( I wonder what they are really called?). The whole setting is just so darn cute and my white cat Ansa brooch is the icing on the cake.

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Ps. Here's what went on behind the scenes... and this is the real goofy me. I already apologize for the language ;) We just had to take some anarchist shots when we saw the graffiti.

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Prepping for Christmas!

Hi sweets! I'm starting to feel all Christmassy and I'm really getting into decorating our home and looking for xmassy recipes. It's weird, because I usually haven't been too into all this christmas fuss... but perhaps I'm getting older and more sentimental!? Either way, I'm loving it!

So tonight I had my friend come over and we baked some Christmas star pies with nutella filling (the original recipe has plum jam in it) accompanied by some non-alcoholic mulled wine. We also had some gingerbread with blue cheese. Oh yum! Have you ever tried it? It sounds like such a weird combo, but it actually works really well! We also did a super quick and easy decorations for my kitchen window (Thanks Jaana for helping me out!). I have to say that it was one merry little christmas party!


Color dark and lovely

28 November 2011

Every now and then I come across a Pinterest board that absolutely rocks my socks off. And this is it! I'm by no means feeling gloomy (even thought it's Monday!), but for some reason these colors are really hitting home today. There's something very calm about these, something hopeful too. What do you think? Can dark colors can be soothing? I'm also loving the pops of color against the almost black tones of blue, grey and brown.

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I'm an IG lover!

27 November 2011

Yes, I confess. I'm completely hooked on Instagram. I just love looking at people's amazing iPhone photography and having my attempt at it too. I use it every day as a fun way to document my life - it's kinda like a diary to me. It's nice to go back in time and reminisce those moments when each photo was taken. You can find me under username mybestfriendjules if you want to look me up! This week I was so happy to reach 200 followers for my daily snapshots. 

Ps. Here's my current top 3 for great IG photos. You should definitely check these out if you're on instagram :)

IG usernames: carmynjoy // doreshandmade // jiymena


Comfy cute x 5

23 November 2011

Hi sweeties! I hope you're all having a good week. I'm sitting here and writing this in my jammies, sweater and woolly scarf. It's the time of the year that I like to keep warm and cosy - both when I'm out and about or lounging at home. The cold weather just gets to me and I need my comfy gear to battle it. But comfy can also be cute! It doesn't mean the old draggy home pants (necessarily). To me comfy cute is all about nice  soothing textures, warm materials and cosy colors. Here's a couple of comfy cute things I found on Etsy.

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1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Ps. Yes. I think apples deserve to get cosy as well! ;)


Jewelry I heart today

22 November 2011

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White Leather Hand Embroidered Necklace by Still with You

Now that the winter days are getting darker here up north, it's fun to light things up with colorful jewelry. And this hand-embroidered pretty does the trick! I love the pattern, the color and the white leather as a canvas. Just prettiness!


Wintry color inspiration

21 November 2011

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

While I was visiting my beau in Oulu over the weekend, I took a ton of photos with my iPhone. And it seems I'm going through a particular color crush phase because the color palette is leaning towards the cool greens, blues and purples in most of my photos. I took this one yesterday on our afternoon stroll and I love how the colors turned out after some Instagram Amaro action. So I thought I'd use it as my source of inspiration to find some pretty cool colored gems. 

Ps. The purple wrapped sliced leather bracelet is my favorite!


My favorite Saturday routine.

19 November 2011

Oh how do I love love love visiting thrift stores. It's becoming my favorite Saturday routine. I don't necessarily need to buy anything, I just enjoy visiting the shops and soaking in all the pretty vintage goodies. Do you remember when I wrote a little thrift guide couple of months ago? Well guess what! Now you're getting more - three very essential tips for great thrifting. Hih!

Ps. What's your tip to a great day thrifting? I'd love for you to share your secrets! :)


Blog anniversary giveaway winner

Congrats Savannah! I will be contacting you personally, so I can get all the goodies shipped your way!  I hope you'll enjoy your new beautiful vintage handbag and find some lovely pretties for yourself from the Red Velvet online shop!


Jewelry I heart today

18 November 2011

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Fly me to the moon by Khara Ledonne

I love jewelry that comes with a message, and the Fly me to the moon hand-painted necklace is just darling. I'm such a fan of quirky little things like this! The locket is made out of brass and copper, and looks beautiful worn both open or closed. I think I'd keep my locket closed most of the time and only reveal the message to my sweetheart! ;)


Remember to reset.

17 November 2011

Greetings from Oulu! I flew over here yesterday to visit my sweetheart. I've been so busy lately that I really need a little break. In fact, I've been so stressed and worn out that I've had trouble sleeping. I've hardly slept 3 hours a night for the past month. I first thought that I wouldn't blog about this here... but I think you deserve to know how things are outside the virtual world. I'm not saying I'm unhappy because lots of great things are happening to me at the moment. I'm just tired. But luckily that's pretty easy to fix!

So it's finally time to press the reset button and get some sleep, relax-time and fresh air. I also got some melatonin from the doctor to help me get my regular sleeping pattern back. I took the first pill last night, and this morning I felt like a different person - 7 hours of sleep did wonders! If you're a workaholic like me, remember to get some rest. It's vital! I've learned it the hard way and allowed this to go on a little too long. I just haven't been my happy energetic self lately...  But my plan is to bring myself back this weekend. And here's to a good start! My boy took me to see the sunset by the sea this afternoon. It was bloody freezing, but SO pretty! My mind is at rest here.

Ps. The Changing of the Seasons album by Ane Brun has also given me comfort lately. I absolutely love her voice. If you don't know her already, definitely check out her beautiful music.