Colors of the rainbow

19 January 2012

COLOR INSPIRATION // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Hi sweeties! I've been wanting to do an interior design color inspiration post for a while now. And I've finally come across the perfect interior design picture that tickles my fancy! It's colorful, relaxed, vintage inspired, fun and fresh! I would love my bedroom to have this colorful Scandinavian vibe. At the moment I'm sharing my flat with a friend, so I'm living in this bedroom/living-room/work-room combo... But I'm holding on this dream bedroom for when the time is right! In general, I like to mix and match things and colors. So I picked a couple of fun colorful homely things I'd love to add in my apartment. The sofa is my absolute favorite!

Ps. The font I used in the layout is called Ostrich Sans. You can download it for free here.


9 lovely messages:

Kate said...

I love all of those colours! And what i would give to own that pretty! thanks for sharing the link to the font, i love it :)

Kate xo

Moe said...

That bedroom image is to die for!! Having all those colors yet it seems so dream!

Love it :) :)

minde k said...

Ah, ihana taulu kuvan seinällä! Kiitos muutenkin piristävän raikkaasta blogistasi, nautin joka kuvasta :) mukavaa viikon jatkoa! x

mandyface said...

That couch is utterly delightful!

Little Lo Hood said...

Lovely! You have such great taste! At first I thought that sofa was Orla is so so pretty! :) -Lo

Katrina said...

i want that room!!

xo katrina

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