The great blog heist - day 3

23 February 2012

Hello hello! Time for part 3 of the Great Blog Heist. I hope you guys are having a good week! This summer, I’m getting hitched to a wonderful guy. We have been seeing each other for several years, and he popped the question in no better place for a Finn, than in the sauna. 

For several reasons, we decided to have a destination wedding. Instead of having it here, in Finland, where all of his family would make it, and barely any of mine – or having it in the USA, where hardly any of his would come but most of mine would – we picked Spain. Both of us adore the southern coast of Spain. It’s a kind of middle-ground, and nobody will have to worry about rain on the wedding day. 

I have to admit, I have never been a day-dreamer about my wedding day. From the beginning, I focused more on what would make everyone relax, feel good, and have fun. My fella has been the one all along reminding me that I’m the bride. He was the one who convinced me to get a dress made instead of buying “just a little sundress” from the shop, the one who convinced me to go to a stylist for my hair and make-up instead of attempting it alone, the one who insisted I have a ring – and so on. So, I thought, why not go with it?

Now the real question is: what shoes? 
In case you just popped by - Mervi will be back at the end of the week! 

3 lovely messages:

Jen said...

I totally forgot to credit the source of the shoes! provides some gorgeous inspirational material for weddings DIY projects and fashion.

ginanorma said...

oh so so pretty pics!

We planned our own wedding too and were super thrifty, but it was just as beautiful and fun! made it even more meaningful, thanks for sharing!

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