4 March 2012

Some of my latest iPhone photos.

Hi sweeties! What have you been up to this weekend? I've just been enjoying the first rays of spring sun and spent a lot of time outdoors. Yesterday I even went sledding! It was such a good laugh! Now my bum hurts from rolling around the slopes, but it was SO worth it! 


16 lovely messages:

the southern hostess said...

Loving those lens flares. I can practically feel the sunshine.

Kristina said...

me too, loving the lens flare! and I can imagine it feels so good to see the sun after the long, rather dark, winter in finland, right? i have a good friend living in hämminlinna (and sorry, never know how to write the name) and he is so looking forward to spring!! enjoy!! xox

sweet harvest moon said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Beautiful pictures!

Allison said...

Such lovely pictures! I saw a concert last night and today I've been cooking/blogging! Hope you had a great one! xo

Paislea Elyse said...

gorgeous pictures!!

drop by allister bee soon!

Noelani said...

I love the fact that Spring is slowly but surely making it's appearance. What lovely sunny pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Love the sunshine<3
I'm wondering if you have used any apps to achieve these effects??

ginanorma said...

ooooh i love love love these shots...that sunlight !
and you said it perfectly sledding makes you laugh til you pee!

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