22 March 2012

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Hi sweeties! I hope you're all having a good week! I came across this yummy free font, Intro, today when I was reading my news feed from Linkedin. Oh yay, more candy to add in my font directory! I'm a sucker for geometric simple fonts like this!


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Paislea Elyse said...

i love it!! thanks for sharing!

drop by allister bee soon!

Piaf said...

Great! Have to bookmark that :)

Polly Bland said...

I love your new layout! Very cute. I hope you are doing well these days my dear! I'm about to email you. XOXOX

love, polly :D

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Shannon said...

Great font!


StarletStarlet said...

LOVELY font thanks for sharing. Best of all, it's free!

Heya, it's great to see you again. I've been off from the online world - and just got back. So good to see the new design~ it's very pretty!

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