Jewelry I heart today

29 February 2012

What do you think about my new necklace? I got it for 3 euros last week from Seppälä. I hardly ever shop there these days, but I decided to pop over for a visit when I did some grocery shopping last week. And I'm so happy I did, because I found this orange tassel beauty in the sales section. Yay! 

Ps. What do you think about my new banner background? I thought it was time to refresh for the spring! Yes, I decided it's spring because today is the last day of February and we only have 1,5m of snow out side! Ha.


Apartment fever

28 February 2012

Ooooh boy. I have SERIOUS apartment fever. I've decided to put my flat on sale and get myself a new one. Haha, like I didn't have other things to worry about than "will I have a roof over my head in the next couple of months"? ;) But I just thought that now is the time to sell and hopefully find a better home with less renovation needs.

I've been browsing the real estate websites like crazy for the last couple of days. I even went to see couple of apartments on Sunday, but nothing yet. But I did come across this gorgeous studio flat that would be PERFECT for me! If only it had a balcony and didn't have a big plumbing renovation awaiting in the near future.

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Oh well. The right one will come along. - I'm sure! Let the apartment hunt beging. Wish me luck!


The great blog heist - day 4

24 February 2012

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your week has been spectacular. Today’s Great Blog Heist post is a completely unabashed moment of self-promotion. In my first post, I said that I am an artist. Only recently I set up an online shop through Etsy.

I try to make sure I put up a new print every month, and I keep the old ones available as they sell or expire – and the custom order is pretty much always available. So, if you have time and are curious, check it out! Have a great weekend, and Mervi will be back on Monday!

The great blog heist - day 3

23 February 2012

Hello hello! Time for part 3 of the Great Blog Heist. I hope you guys are having a good week! This summer, I’m getting hitched to a wonderful guy. We have been seeing each other for several years, and he popped the question in no better place for a Finn, than in the sauna. 

For several reasons, we decided to have a destination wedding. Instead of having it here, in Finland, where all of his family would make it, and barely any of mine – or having it in the USA, where hardly any of his would come but most of mine would – we picked Spain. Both of us adore the southern coast of Spain. It’s a kind of middle-ground, and nobody will have to worry about rain on the wedding day. 

I have to admit, I have never been a day-dreamer about my wedding day. From the beginning, I focused more on what would make everyone relax, feel good, and have fun. My fella has been the one all along reminding me that I’m the bride. He was the one who convinced me to get a dress made instead of buying “just a little sundress” from the shop, the one who convinced me to go to a stylist for my hair and make-up instead of attempting it alone, the one who insisted I have a ring – and so on. So, I thought, why not go with it?

Now the real question is: what shoes? 
In case you just popped by - Mervi will be back at the end of the week! 

The great blog heist - day 2

22 February 2012

Hi again! Maybe I should tell a little bit more about myself since I will be here for a few days. I’m an American artist living abroad in Finland. Although I was classically trained, I’m working as a graphic designer and illustrator. Most of my life, I’ve been quite the nomad – realizing only just this weekend that the home in which I live presently is approaching the longest time I have ever lived in any house. Despite moving around a lot, much of my time was spent growing up in the southern states of the USA. My memories are heavily colored by the long, hot summer seasons with a soundtrack of cicadas. Leather car interiors could scald your legs, air conditioners struggled to move the humid air about, and stink of dogs in the heat is something all on its own. People always ask how I got here. Much like with anything else, I just decided to set out – take a chance and see how the life is closer to the Arctic Circle. Looking back, that first summer in Finland was luxury at its peak. Lazing about in the sunshine with my fella, swimming in clear, cold lakes, and digging my toes into the soil of the next steps of my life – it was all so quietly fulfilling. 

Still is. 

Enough of my rambling for now! In case you missed it, Mervi’s taking a little holiday – but don’t worry, she’ll be back at the end of the week! 

The great blog heist

21 February 2012

Hello! My name is Jen. Mervi and I are colleagues and friends, and this – is The Great Blog Heist. One day while enjoying a glass (or two) of wine, Mervi and I came up with the grand scheme that I would conduct a complete blog take-over here at MBFJ. For the next five days, I will post something here instead of Mervi. Please don’t worry, by the end of the week, Mervi will be back! In the meantime, sit back, try to relax, and let me introduce you to myself, and a few things that might catch your fancy while our Mervi takes a little holiday. Enjoy! 

Modern + vintage

13 February 2012

I've had a huge crush on orange lately, because the color just cheers me up! And this dress totally caught my eye when I saw it on pinterest the other night. It's a Miss Selfridge dress but I haven't been able to track it down on their online shop.  I get an error message when clicking on the pinterest link. Boo. So if any of you have seen it somewhere, I'd REALLY appreciate a little shout towards my direction. I think it would make the perfect summer dress! I'd combine it with a lovely vintage necklace - just like this silver pendant from Salvage Life. I think these would make the perfect girly combo!


Jewelry I heart today

12 February 2012

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I'm LOVING this big ass bird ring by Peace Images Jewelry! It's so simple yet such a stunning conversation piece. It would totally make any outfit pop! I'm bookmarking this Etsy shop right now! You should take a peek too - the shop is filled with cool and earthy pretties to suit your fancy!

Ps. The photo credit of the first image goes to


Fine Finnish home

9 February 2012

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I recently came across this beautiful light and airy Finnish home on Dwell online magazine. I'm huge fan of eclectic personal interior design style and I think this home has the "umpf" that rocks my socks. I've been wanting to do some renovation at my flat for a while now and I'm desperate to change my floorboards white... I love how clean and modern it makes everything look! It gives the perfect backdrop for fun colorful objects. Swooooooon! What kind of interior design style puts hearts in your eyes?


I'm ready for summer!

8 February 2012

As much as I love winter and the snow, I'm kinda ready for summer! The cold wind and minus degrees has been doing my head in a little bit... so I've just spent a good hour on pinterest day-dreaming about pastel colored summery pretties. Online-window-shopping is always such a treat, but sometimes a little dangerous too. But I've stayed strong tonight... even though I really REALLY really love theses Asos flats and minty copper bracelet from The Garden Studio. (I'm bookmarking the pages right now!)


Me-time and a ton of snow.

4 February 2012

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My week in iPhone photos

Hi pretties! Happy Saturday! Sorry for the week-long silence on the blog. I needed a little break from the online world and just spend some time on myself. It's been super duper cold and snowy in Helsinki the past days. We got a new load of snow last night and it's whopping -20c out there. But my plan is to beat the cold with my brand new winter jacket! I found one yesterday after several attempts in the shops, so I couldn't be happier! What are your plans this weekend? 

Ps. This photo layout I'm using on the post is from Pugly Pixel :)